As technology evolves most of us are keen to have new things, the upgraded version of the thing we already have that introduces a few new features that we lusted for the year before. The new technology Buy Back program Microsoft and Clover have partnered up to offer Microsoft Store shoppers appeals to that voice in your head telling you to upgrade constantly.

Rafael Rivera was one of the first to post about this new Buy Back program on Twitter. The program allows users to purchase devices and turn in their old smartphone, tablet or laptop in for a prepaid Visa card. That’s great, users get a discount on a purchase and get rid of devices they were never going to continue using anyway.

So why is participating Buy Back program not a good idea? First, users have to purchase a new device before they’re even able to participate in the Microsoft Store’s Buy Back program. That means users will save on a purchase, just not the purchase of that new device. Additionally, the values seems to be incredibly low. For example, the Lumia 925 on AT&T would net users around $52 in credit through Best Buy’s trade-in program. With Microsoft’s Buy Back program they’d just get around $30. Even Microsoft’s own Surface Pro with 64GB of storage would net users just $120 through the Buy Back program. Best Buy would give users $215 for that same device.

To be clear, you may not want listen to that voice and take Microsoft up on its Buy Back program offer if you want the best value for your older gadgets. If you’re definitely looking to sell your old things for an upgrade, be sure to check at Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy for their rates before settling on Microsoft’s Buy Back program.

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