Tracking progress in achievements and putting apps in the snap multitasking mode is about to get a lot easier for owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Late last night the company announced that the July Xbox One Update it showed off last month will begin rolling out to users who aren’t a part of the Xbox One Dashboard Preview Program.

Following the update, snapping the Achievements app on the Xbox One gives uses a miniature goal tracker so that they can monitor their progress towards earning specific chunks of Gamerscore. This new Achievements app also features a button that opens the console’s version of Internet Explorer and searches the web for helpful tips.

Being able to press the Xbox logo in the middle of the Xbox One controller to snap applications might sound pretty basic, but it’ll do wonders for users who want to have two different apps open and don’t own a Kinect 2 sensor.

Users should check for the July Xbox One Update by heading into their console’s Settings app. If the Update button is selectable than it’s ready to update. All Xbox One consoles running in low-power mode will be automatically updated if they’re connected to the internet.

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