That Community, the sitcom that spawned a dozen memes and taught an entire generation how to properly make fun of Ken Burns using nothing more than pillow forts and blankets, keeps surviving is a testament to just how out-of-the-box the show really is. Fortunately, comments made by series star Jim Rash indicate Community’s first season as part of Yahoo Screen’s video lineup will have the Greendale gang rediscovering a place it hasn’t been in a very long time — outside.

Rash talked a bit about the new season with TV Line at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. He doesn’t go into much detail about the show’s upcoming hijinks. That being said, he does heavily hint at more episodes being set outdoors. To understand why that is exciting, you first have to remember how long its been since the cast of the show as seen a different location other than the library’s study room. The show had suffered extensively because of cost concerns.

We don’t yet know when season 6 of Community will arrive. Presumably the new season of the show will be available through Yahoo Screen’s apps. There isn’t a Yahoo Screen app for the Xbox One yet, however there is a one for the Xbox 360.

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