Xbox One owners will be able to download Minecraft for Xbox One beginning this Friday, September 5th, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Xbox Wire news blog announced that Minecraft for Xbox One would finally make its much anticipated début earlier today. The game, which has become a massive phenomenon, lets users create what amounts to their own world. Users can team up with others for their own Minecraft creations or go it alone to create something out of their imagination.

Over the years, millions of users have downloaded specialized versions of Minecraft for their own devices. That includes users with an Xbox 360. To make the transition to Minecraft on Xbox One easier for those users, Mojang is giving users who already purchased the Xbox 360 version a discount. Users who have the 360 version of the game will only be charged $4.99 for this new version instead of the $19.99 the game normally costs.

Worlds transferred to Minecraft for Xbox One from Minecraft for Xbox 360 will notice that they have a ton of room to expand their creations. The worlds in the newer title are 36 times larger than they are on the Xbox 360.

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