Microsoft is dropping an epic Xbox One bundle on potential console buyers. Starting September 7th, shoppers will be able to choose any new game to bundle with their $399 Xbox One or $499 Xbox One + Kinect purchase.

You read that right. As detailed on Xbox Wire, users who purchase a brand new Xbox One will be able to pick out a game of their choice absolutely free. Microsoft isn’t restricting the selection either, the promotion will cover a single game up to $59.99. Really, the only restrictions that seem to govern the promotion are related to used games — users have to get a unopened new title with their console. Also, users can’t use the $59.99 value to pre-order a game.

Microsoft is letting users who purchase the Forza 5 Xbox One bundle and the recently announced Madden 15 Xbox One bundle get in on the action too, meaning those buyers stand to get two free games.

All told, it’s an absolutely fantastic deal for anyone on the fence about purchasing an Xbox One this month or even this holiday season. The deal ends on September 13th. The company suggests users pick up a few titles like Watch Dogs, Madden 15 or Diablo 3. Those games aside, it can’t be a coincidence that this make-your-own Xbox One bundle is running the same week as Bungie’s Destiny first-person shooter/online role-playing game makes its début. In fact, we’d wager that’s exactly what Microsoft is counting on since only Sony’s PlayStation 4 has an official special edition Destiny bundle.

Microsoft hasn’t yet shared a list of retailers participating in the deal.

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