At some point at least someone out there has asked themselves what you get when you cross an Xbox One’s wireless controller, the USB cable from the Xbox One’s Plug and Charge Kit and software that allows Windows PCs to communicate with them both. As it turns out, you get the Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows that’s coming in November.

Months after it first released software that allows the Xbox One controller to communicate with PCs running it’s Windows operating system, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows on its Xbox Wire news blog. Those willing to part with $59.99 this November will get an Xbox One wireless controller and an Xbox branded USB cable to plug into the controller. The USB cable is necessary because Microsoft doesn’t yet let Xbox One controllers communicate with PCs wireless.

Today, games downloaded from the Windows Store can interact with the Xbox One controller. According to Microsoft, it engineered the Xbox One controller’s Windows software so that it’s compatible with games that used the Xbox 360 gamepad. As such, backwards compatibility with those games should be perfect.

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