Respawn Entertainment, the developers who are responsible for giving us the blockbuster shooter that is Titanfall on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, is preparing to finish the game’s run. Earlier today, Respawn announced that the IMC Rising DLC pack for Titanfall will add the game’s final set of maps beginning tomorrow.

Respawn revealed the release date for the IMC Rising content in a summary trailer on its YouTube page today. As the trailer reveals, IMC Rising doesn’t add new weapons or story areas to explore, but it does add three unique maps to Titanfall’s multiplayer experience.

Backwater is a small town with its own rail and underground grain storage system. Players will want to use these two unique attributes to quickly navigate the map. Sand Trap is a fuel facility that’ll leave users wall running for long periods of time. Zone 18 is a basic robotics making facility that’ll allow for some easy sniping and close quarters combat.

When IMC Rising for Titanfall makes its début tomorrow it’ll cost $9.99 individually. Users can also purchase the entire slate of Titanfall add-ons with the Titanfall season pass for $24.99. We don’t yet have a launch date for IMC Rising for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall.

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