We aren’t the biggest fans of True Blood you can find, but even thanks to the Justin Timberlake song of the same name we’re inclined to think that when there’s a sale on it everyone will want to get in on the action. Thanks to Xbox Video, anyone with a web browser, Windows device, Windows Phone smartphone, Xbox One and Xbox 360 can pick up entire seasons of True Blood for as little as $27.99.

The deals running right now on the Xbox Video website. Seasons one through six of True Blood are selling for $27.99 in standard definition, with the final Season Pass for season seven going for $28.99. The final season will cost $38.99 for those who have to have high-definition versions for their Xbox One and Xbox 360.

We may or may not have also listened to Justin’s True Blood while writing this. No word on when the Xbox Video sale ends.

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