It’s not easy to determine how many Xbox One users sat around in front of their television asking why they couldn’t see last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood without resorting to switching to their television app or changing to their television’s cable input — well, maybe there is. Be that as it may, watching Ray J get assaulted by his ex-girlfriend is about to get much easier on Microsoft’s entertainment console. Earlier today, the company revealed VH1 for Xbox One, a new app that’ll make streaming VH1 shows oh so easy.

VH1 for Xbox One is available to everyone with an Xbox One as of right now, though as the post on Xbox Wire hints at, only those with a subscription for a participating cable or satellite provider will be allowed to stream full episodes. Interestingly enough, VH1 for Xbox One also lets users snap it to the side of their screen for some video and gaming time.

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