Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are getting some pretty heavyweight media apps this week. The first is Plex, an all-in-one streaming and syncing solution that’ll make it easier for user users to get their media in the living room and just about anywhere else. The second is NHL on Xbox One, a new way for users to take advantage of their NHL GameCenter Live subscription.

Plex is a service that lets adds crucial information and organization to video and audio files that are being streamed from a local PC. The idea is to make watching video and and listening audio from sources other than online stores like Xbox Music and Xbox Video, just as convenient. Plex for Xbox One will allow users to stream content they’ve downloaded to their television without purchasing. At launch it won’t support music playback or picture display, but reportedly, that’s on the way sometime before the winter holidays.

NHL for Xbox One allows users to watch live games with their GameCenter subscription. Stats and replays are also available through the app. Both Plex for Xbox One and NHL for Xbox One include voice and gesture control for users who have a Kinect 2 sensor. NHL for Xbox One is free for users to download, that GameCenter subscription costs $159.99 a year. All users will need a Plex Pass subscription to get Plex for Xbox One for $4.99 a month. There are companion Plex clients available on iPhone, Android and just about any other platform that has an internet connection in a screen.

There is a companion Plex app coming to the Xbox 360 too. According to Xbox Wire, both apps should arrive in the Xbox Store sometime this week.

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