We don’t have numbers on how many Android users have downloaded and are currently using Xbox Music on Android, but we do know that all of them will be happy the music streaming client for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Motorola Moto X finally received an update this week.

The Google Play Store begin deploying updates to Xbox Music on Android earlier this week, October 7th to be more precise. On the surface there isn’t much to get excited about. Microsoft’s own changelog only acknowledges “general fixes and improvements.” That being said, we’ve noticed a couple of things that are different.

Xbox Music on Android no longer has a shuffle button in the green title bar that dominates the app. That’s unfortunate for sure, but Microsoft has improved the app in two key ways. Xbox Music on Android now lets users quickly move through a list of albums, songs or artist by running their finger alongside the right edge of those menus. Big, bold letters now appear so that you can quickly move to a to z. The secondary navigation bar that lets users switch between albums, songs and artists is now always at the top of the app.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for an official list of what has changed in the app.

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