The October Xbox One Update that Microsoft revealed last month complete with a new Friends area and support for DLNA media is now rolling out to all Xbox One consoles starting tonight.

Microsoft announced the October Xbox One Update was rolling out to all users in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog that also included an extended look at all the features Xbox One Preview Program members were testing as of earlier this month.

Beyond the new Friends area, which appears on the Xbox One Start Screen following the update, there are new options for hiding apps, a new miniature guide that doesn’t force users to jump into the full-fledged OneGuide to get a look at what’s actually airing on television and a OneGuide integration for streaming television apps. The Friends and Messages apps are getting upgrades that allow them to snap to the side of user’s screen, making them infinitely more useful. Joining the productivity party in the October Xbox One Update is slightly updated Snap Center that now shows battery power for wireless controls and the current time in addition to allowing users to quickly access apps like Messages and Achievements. The Snap Center is accessed by pressing the glowing logo on an activated Xbox One controller twice in quick succession.

The October Xbox One Update also adds live television support for 11 new countries and improves the television setup based on location. That’s big since the setup process for all the Xbox One’s different features can be daunting.

Xbox One owners who have the console’s low power mode enabled should look for the update to arrive sometime over the next few days as Microsoft begins updating everyone in waves. Users who have low-power mode on their Xbox One turned off will be prompted to update their console the next time it connects to Xbox Live.

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