A new Vine for Xbox One app will now provide an easy way to check out the service’s collection of recorded jokes at no additional charge.

In what could be considered the strangest and most random app announcement Microsoft has made since it debuted the ReddX app for the Xbox One a few months ago, the company revealed Vine for Xbox One yesterday. With the app users can watch all of the same Vine apps that they could through companion apps for Windows Phone, iPhone and Google’s Android operating system. Videos are separated into categories based on their subject matter, at least making it easier to browse than some other forms of Vine.

Kinect gestures and voice controls are present in Vine for Xbox One. So too are app snapping, a system that allows users to watch videos, listen to music or read while having another app open at the same time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if Xbox One owners can use the Vine for Xbox One app to record video clips of their very own. Think of Vine as a miniature version of YouTube, with a time limit and less vitriol flowing through its comment system.

Like all entertainment apps on the Xbox One these days, an Xbox Live account isn’t required to use Vine for Xbox One.

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