Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console is getting its most user requested feature yet with the November Xbox One Update rolling out soon. That’s right, after being available for more than a year the Xbox One is getting customizable backgrounds – sort of.

Microsoft announced the customizable backgrounds coming with the November Xbox One Update, along a slew of either features in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog earlier today. For now it appears that users can add just a color or artwork from an achievement they’ve unlocked as the background for their Start Screen. That’s pretty basic, but Microsoft is promising it’ll roll out more background customization over time.

Gamer profiles are getting upgraded too. Xbox Live users will be able to show off video game clips and achievements that they’re proud of. Microsoft is moving to make Xbox Live even more like a social network by giving users the option to share their location with friends. Microsoft is reorganizing the Xbox Store to make it easier to browse. Categories for Music, Games and more are being moved to the left inside the Store app and a new Coming Soon area will let users pre-order and purchase games that just arrived.

At E3 2014 Microsoft said that it would introduce Twitter to the live television experience on the Xbox One. Today, there’s a Trending area inside the TV apps OneGuide, but with the November Xbox One Update users will be able to see the most popular shows being talked about on Twitter and watched on Xbox Live thanks to an anonymous sampling. Tweets about the shows users are watching will be available in the MiniGuide that Microsoft introduced and upgraded in the last two Xbox One Updates. The Internet Explorer for Xbox One app is getting featured sites and an upgraded Snap view. Microsoft is also upgrading the SmartGlass app for the iPhone and devices running Android and Windows Phone. There are some store browsing upgrades and the ability to actually see deals directly from SmartGlass.

Initially, the November Xbox One Update will only be available to members of the Xbox One Preview Program. These users will test the update and provide some general feedback to Microsoft on which features need work and which features need a serious update. If Microsoft stays true to form users can expect the November Xbox One Update to be available for everyone in November, as its name suggests.

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