Owning and gaming on an Xbox One or any gaming console is going to get all sorts of expensive over the next few months. That’s why spacing out your gaming purchases is so important. This week expectant buyers can pre-order and pre-download copies of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Legend of Korra ahead of their release date.

Legend of Korra is probably the game that’s going to steal the attention of Xbox One owners in the near term as it comes out first. In the game players will use Avatar Korra’s earth-bending, fire-bending, water-bending and maybe even air-bending powers to take on villains from the first two seasons of the show of the same name. Expect Ravaa and Amon to make appearances along with other friends and foes from the show. The only reason this game is being taken seriously is because of its pedigree, Platinum Games made a name for itself with Bayonetta. There’s only one version of Legend of Korra available for pre-order for $14.99. Legend of Korra will be unlocked on October 22nd, the game’s digital release date. It won’t be sold in stores. Legend of Korra is coming to the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 so upgrading consoles isn’t completely necessary.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an Xbox One exclusive that should need no introduction. Last year at this time game reporters were commenting on how bad it was that Microsoft didn’t have a Halo game to entice users away from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 to the Xbox One. Microsoft responded with gusto. Forget just the anniversary high-definition remake of Halo 2. Halo: The Master Chief Collection packs in the multiplayer and campaigns of every Halo game to ever feature Master Chief Petty Officer John 117. We’re talking Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection makes its début on the Xbox One. Today, only one version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available for pre-order at $59.99. It includes a bonus Skull upgrade for some very interesting in-game blast effects. Access to the Halo 5: The Guardians beta & Halo Nightfall video series are also included.

Remember, games pre-ordered through the Xbox Store are available to download immediately, but aren’t available to play until the game’s release date. Users who pre-order Halo: The Master Chief Collection can expect a 45GB download and then another 20GB game update.

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