If you’re anything like us, you’ve held out for the day Batman: Arkham Knight arrives on store shelves. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the game, which should have originally launched this year. Who is the Arkham Knight? How can he possibly be a formidable opponent to Batman? Does the Batmobile run on diesel or ethanol? A new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer posted to Game Informer doesn’t reveal the answer to any of those questions.

Instead, the new trailer is about three solid minutes of Batman: Arkham Knight action footage. In the video we see Batman trying to handle a hostage situation at the old Ace Chemical building. That’s when the Arkham Knight’s forces show up. He ejects from the Batmobile glides across a blown out bridge and threw a window to start taking down enemies. Lamps and even a powered-up switch are used in his new take downs. After opening a security door, he then calls the Batmobile over to take out enemies in tanks just outside the Ace Chemical complex.

Again, it’s three solid minutes of developer Rocksteady Studios showing Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC owners why they should buy the game. Batman: Arkham Knight goes on sale June 2nd. Game Informer says two other videos will premiere between now and early December.

The title of this article has been adjusted and a direct link to the video at GameInformer has been added.

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