Have an Xbox 360, Xbox One, smartphone with a YouTube app or anything else in between with a web browser? Great, you’ll be able to watch the Game Awards 2014 show.

For one night only, the titans of the video game industry will collectively sit in the same room, put aside console sales and just about anything else. Collectively, they shall sit and talk as men and women do about video games that debuted this past year. The Game Awards 2014 will start broadcasting from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada at 6PM Pacific Standard Time or 9PM Easter Standard Time.

To be clear, the Game Awards 2014 won’t be the show you’re used to see each December. Geoff Keighley will host the Game Awards 2014. He’s promising an end to the fluff and bad presentation that led to last year’s disastrous Video Game Awards on Spike TV. Games will be the highlight, but video game industry journalists and industry insiders from IGN, Polygon and more are on the panel. Viewers should still expect the same mix of game reveal and never-before-seen footage.

Microsoft has already added a shortcut to the Xbox Live Events Player on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you haven’t downloaded those already, you may want to do so. YouTube, Twitch and Steam will also have a live feed from the event. Unfortunately, the Game Awards 2014 won’t be broadcast on television.

Update It looks like Microsoft isn’t airing the Game Awards through its Live Events Player app, as it hasn’t been updated for the occasion. Instead, Xbox One and Xbox 360 users should download the Twitch app and look for the thegameawards stream.

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