Remember On Live? Eying a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation TV to get your hands on Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service? Reportedly, Arcadia is a streaming service coming directly from Microsoft’s own Operating Systems Group.

At least, that’s what the Arcadia codename refers to if the information shared with All About Microsoft is indicative of what’s going on inside Microsoft today. The outlet decided to track down the codename after a tipster noticed the Arcadia team mentioned in a job posting on Microsoft’s Careers website. The Arcadia codename is specifically mentioned in a second job posting, but the outlet believes they are one in the same. This second job posting doesn’t exactly like anything to the imagination. It calls out the Operating Systems Group Streaming team. The second job posting also requests that those applying for the Streaming Team position have experience with iOS and Android.

The admittedly light stack of evidence all points to one thing: a Microsoft video game and app streaming system coming for Microsoft’s operating systems and maybe even Android and iOS. Such a streaming service would make sense, Microsoft is into selling licenses and Xbox services, today dedicated hardware is just the easiest way to get those things in front of years. A streaming service could, theoretically, allow users to play games on their phones, tablets, and PCs. Maybe such a service would finally enable Xbox 360 compatibility for the Xbox One.

According to All About Microsoft, Arcadia is still in early development.

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