Looking to see a bit more of the background you’ve assigned to your Xbox One console? How about finding a way to see which of your friends are playing the games you own and how they are fairing compared to you? The February Xbox One Update rolling out to members of the Xbox Preview Program has changes related to both.

Microsoft revealed what’s in store for users when they download the February Xbox One Update on its Xbox Wire news blog this evening. Game Hubs will rope broadcasts, leaderboards and more into one screen that users can access by pressing menu button after highlighting a game in the My Games and Apps area. The update also changes Live Tiles so that they’re transparent, giving Xbox One owners more of their background photo.

Every Xbox One with a Kinect 2 sensor can easily communicate with television sets and cable boxes. Microsoft is adding more infrared codes and fine tuning the experience. Xbox One owners picking up live streaming television for the Xbox One SmartGlass app on Windows Pone and Android. Trending television is coming to France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico. Additionally, the Netherlands is getting the Xbox OneGuide, which they didn’t have before.

Xbox One Preview members can manually update their console to get the February Xbox One Update now. Xbox One owners who aren’t in the Preview Program can expect the update next month if Microsoft stays true to its normal schedule.

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