Microsoft won the console war for the months of November and December and it’s celebrating by bringing back the $349 Xbox One promotion.

The company announced it’d beaten Sony’s PlayStation 4 console sales-wise in the United States this evening in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog. While not nailing down the number of consoles they actually sold, Microsoft does provide a bit of context, saying that Xbox One sales per week averaged 50 percent more than they did for the Xbox 360 at this point in its life. The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s last console to debut before the Xbox One. Microsoft also notes that it sold more games on the Xbox One than Sony or rival Nintendo did for their consoles.

Certainly that big $349 Xbox One helped Microsoft snatch another month of dominance away from Sony’s PlayStation 4 console in the United States. That’s probably why Microsoft has chosen to bring the back the $349 Xbox One beginning tomorrow, January 16th.

A lot of industry watchers are focusing on the sales numbers here, but what’s more interesting is how Microsoft closed its statement about December sales.

“And the Xbox experience isn’t limited just to the console. The Xbox team is continually working hard to expand and improve the experience across myriad devices – including home gaming PCs, soon to be powered by Windows 10. Our goal is to help PC gaming flourish, and we’re excited to be helping shape the future of Windows. Phil Spencer will be sharing more on the Windows consumer experience at a Windows event on January 21, including the role that gaming will play.”

Clearly, we’re going to hear something about gaming on PCs at next week’s Windows 10 Media Briefing.

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