It’s impossible to imagine that at some point in human history no one realized that every good thing has a bad side. Music is a perfect example of that. Good music can change your mood or make you wish you’d never saw — to say nothing of put on — a set of headphones. BuzzFeed purveyors of all that is viral, is another good example. Thanks to them we now have a list of the most liked songs on Pandora, and it’s uh, a pretty good indicator of where music is at in general.

Pandora, which now reaches an astonishing 76 million users in the United States, sent over the top 10 list of songs liked in the United States since the service’s debut and some of them are pretty shocking. For those who prefer a pop blast from the past there’s The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” with 15.6 million votes and Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” with 17.1 million. Edging out both of these is Mario’s “Let Me Love You” with 17.4 million votes, which is insane because all three songs are about as interesting and authentic sounding as rubber rain boots ran through a puddle that are now sliding across a tiled surface.

Let’s just say the top song by votes will have you turning off your speakers with Glee. Pandora has companion radio apps for Windows Phone and the Xbox One. There are also apps for Android and iOS.


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