In a land filled with hopelessly mundane children’s programming from Netflix and dwindling interest in big-ticket cable subscriptions, having a child in your home can be downright dangerous. Who will save us from losing our minds as millions of kids and tweens fight over the remote for nonexistent Saturday morning cartoons and better plots than Girl Meets World? Nick just might. During an investor call this morning the children’s television network revealed it has a digital streaming service coming to serve households nationwide without a cable subscription.

According to Variety, Viacom announced that it’d be offering a standalone version of Nickelodeon directly to users today. Very little is known about the service, like how much it’ll cost or even what it’ll be called. The channel could have a different name from the one we know and love today, but comments made on Viacom’s call indicated it be “very attract for children and their parents.” The service is being built specifically for mobile devices.

We should find out more about the new digital Nickelodeon service in the next month or two as Nick gears up to sell advertisement executives on the new channel. If The Thundermans makes it to this new channel we’re all gonners. Nickalready has an app with cable-dependent streaming on the Xbox 360. The are mobile apps for iOS and Android too.

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