With the March Xbox One update, gamers can finally capture pictures as well video from their favorite games without any separate hardware.

Microsoft shared details about the Xbox One March update this week on Xbox Wire, then immediately made it available to members of its Xbox Preview Program. With the update downloaded Xbox One owners can press the glowing guide button on their Xbox One controller twice and hit the Y button to immortalize what ever is on their screen. Microsoft says that eventually it roll out sharing, but Preview Program members only have the ability to set a screenshot as a background and manage them from the Upload app.

Other features included in the March Xbox One Update aren’t as glamorous as screenshots. This update finally brings full live television support to Australia. There’s a new Suggested Friends feature in the Friends app to encourage Xbox Live users to meet new gamers. In addition to that, there’s a new Report Spam button for informing the service’s team of digital cops that there’s something going on that they may not like. A single toggle now lets anyone share their real name with their friends over Xbox Live. Before this update, Xbox Live users had to mange that on a case by case basis. Xbox One owners can choose whether they’d like to share their voice search data with Microsoft to improve the console over time too. Finally, there’s tile transparency, which lets Xbox One owners who have assigned a background see a little more or a little less of the Xbox One’s tiles.

To be clear, the March Xbox One Update is only rolling out to members of the Xbox Preview Program today. Presumably, those not participating in the program can look forward to the software upgrade arriving on their console sometime in March.

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