And just like that, Ubisoft has killed one of the biggest issues still plaguing owners of its current generation open-world adventure game. Beginning with tonight’s Patch 5 update, players of Assassin’s Creed Unity will no longer have to download the Assassin’s Creed Unity companion app or jump through any other hoops to unlock every chest before them.

Ubisoft, the developer and publisher of Assassin’s Creed Unity announced the changes Xbox One and PC players can expect from Patch 5 earlier today. Generally the patch is aimed at addressing the remaining issues for PC users, like network connectivity. The post on the Assassin’s Creed Unity Live Updates blog says that following the update every chest in Paris, Saint Denis and Versailles will open without the need to log into the Uplay service and complete tasks in a second screen experience.

To be clear, gold and blue chests are the ones that’ll now unlock without incident. Red chests in Assassin’s Creed Unity require a lock picking skill. Players will still need to upgrade that skill to easily get their hands on what’s inside those. Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 5 is rolling out on the Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 today. It’ll be available for players on Windows PCs Thursday, February 19th.

By default, any Xbox One connected to Xbox Live downloads updates silently unless Low Power Mode has been disabled. The Xbox One also checks or updates the moment users open a game, again, provided that there’s a connection to Xbox Live.

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