It appears that Microsoft is ready to declare its Xbox One Preview Program a success. At the very least the company will use the same methods and membership system to get future updates in the hands of Xbox 360 users. Today, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Preview Program, a new way for users to get software updates and fixes to try before they are available for anyone else.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson blog details some of what Xbox 360 users can expect. Like the Xbox One Preview Program, getting into the Xbox 360 Preview Program will require a special invite. Microsoft says it hopes to begin sending out those invites over Xbox Live within the next few weeks, and that users who do receive the invite will need to finish their registration inside the Account Management area in the Settings for their Xbox 360. The first release for Xbox 360 Preview Program members will include changes for network connectivity. The company is promising, “even more changes” later this year — possibly hinting at another overhaul of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Microsoft has used the Xbox One Preview Program to pass on a steady stream of new features since shortly after the Xbox One launched in 2013. It makes sense that Microsoft would try to do the same for the Xbox 360, which is still available on store shelves and has millions of users.

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