Xbox One owners who’ve joined the console’s Update Preview program just keep getting all sorts of new features to play with. Take today for example. Those users can expect an updated Blu-ray experience, a new controller update for dealing with the console’s headset audio issues, and a small system change that could have a huge impact on the update experience.

Microsoft announced the more information about what users could expect from the April Xbox One Update earlier today.

The Blu-ray changes themselves seem to be the direct result of users complaints about the experience they get today. Going forward the Blu-ray player app will have support for content recorded at 50Hz. The company hasn’t shared what other features are included in the Blu-ray app update itself.

The controller update will finally fix some issues users had when they plugged in their headset to their wireless controller. Users will need to plug in their controller with a micro-USB cable to perform that update manually.

The biggest change of all has to be the new way the console will handle updates going forward. Microsoft says this new update will add an update for users to trigger when new software for their console is available. Today, there’s no way for users to manually update their console. The Xbox One will now perform updates silently and return back to standby mode too. That means users won’t have to completely reboot their console following an update.

Microsoft hasn’t said when the April Xbox One Update will roll out to all users.

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