In what’s rumored to be a celebration of Titanfall’s launch exactly a year ago, developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts are offering Xbox One and Xbox 360 users the Titanfall Season Pass absolutely free of charge.

As of now, anyone with an Xbox Live account can hit the Buy button online or in the Xbox Store to get their Titanfall Season Pass at no additional charge. Announced ahead of the game’s launch last year, originally the Season Pass cost users $24.99. When downloading the Titanfall Season Pass users get access to all three map sets added after the game’s launch last March. During this winter’s Xbox games sale, Microsoft slashed the price on Titanfall Season Pass to new lows, but users still had to pay for it. To be clear, the free Titanfall Season Pass is for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users. Users don’t already need to have the game to take advantage of the free download, but they will need the game to actually use the free maps.

Titanfall for the Xbox One is $29.99 in the Xbox Store. Purchasing a fresh disc-based version of the game from Amazon costs $23.75. Players will need an Xbox Live subscription to play Titanfall as it’s an online-only game.

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