Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows, Android and even iPhone users who’ve ever considered purchasing a subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Music service would do well to rush to the company’s online retail store sometime today. In celebration of Pi Day, is offering a year of Xbox Music for just $31.41.

Microsoft announced the deep discount in year-long Xbox Music subscriptions yesterday in a post on its Windows Blog. Besides Xbox Music subscriptions, the company is also offering a few digital gift cards with special Pi Day designs. Internet culture celebrates Pi day when the calendar matches with the first three digits of the circumference of a circle relative to its diameter. In short, every March 14th.

Normally an Xbox Music subscription costs $9.99 a month or $99 a year, a lot more than the $31.41 Microsoft is asking for it today. You don’t have to be a heavy Xbox user to take advantage of the service, there are companion apps for all major smartphone platforms and a web client for anyone on an older Windows PC or a Mac.

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