Fed up with Microsoft’s Xbox Music service incorrectly matching your MP3 library to make your songs available to you anywhere? Well then, don’t use it. As of today anyone can load their music onto Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service and then stream those songs directly to their mobile device or computer.

Microsoft first made the announcement about OneDrive integration for Xbox Music this morning in a post on its Blogging Windows website. The feature addition means that users will finally be able to stream any song that they can copy from a CD directly to their device. To get around this limitation before users were pretty much forced to keep local copies of their favorite songs. Both Amazon and Google already offer similar services. Offering this is important for users who want to stream songs that aren’t in the Xbox Music Store.

Adding songs to the Music folder on OneDrive for streaming on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and devices running Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 doesn’t cost users a dime. That being said, Xbox Music Pass subscribers get 100GB of storage added to their OneDrive storage pool thanks to their subscription. The iPhone and Android versions of Xbox Music don’t yet support OneDrive music streaming. Microsoft is capping the streaming at 50,000 individual songs too, no matter how much storage you have.

Rumors of Microsoft building in OneDrive integration for its music offerings surfaced months ago, but Microsoft only confirmed it was happening at its Windows 10 Media Briefing this past January. Users can upload their unprotected music files directly to their OneDrive folder using a web browser. There are also OneDrive apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Windows PCs.

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