If you were hoping to get your hands on Batman: Arkham Knight in early June, then your plans have once again be foiled by Warner Brothers and developer Rocksteady Studios. Earlier today, both revealed a new seven minute long Batman: Arkham Knight trailer. Then they dropped another bomb, confirming a new Batman: Arkham Knight release date.

A post on Twitter is where the two confirmed the game was delayed. Instead of coming out June 2nd, Batman: Arkham Knight will now arrive on store shelve June 23rd. That’s roughly a three week delay in when we thought we were going to get the game and when the game will actually arrive. Rocksteady hasn’t yet given a reason for the delay. Batman: Arkham Knight was originally planned for launch last year on the Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game console. Another delay, isn’t exactly ideal.

In the new Officer Down trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight there is seven minutes of in-game footage captured directly from the PlayStation 4. In the trailer we get a look at the grappling and combat mechanics that have made other titles in the series must-haves. We also get our first look at how players in the game will summon and use the Batmobile to “even the odds.” In Batman: Arkham Knight players will use the Batmobile as another weapon in their arsenal to stop the criminals rampaging Gotham City. It’s the first time the car has been featured in the game and actually been something that players can use.

Batman: Arkham Knight won’t be coming to the Xbox 360. The game is also coming to Windows PCs.

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