We’re not sure if anyone ever really located the “truth” that The X-Files’ began peddling at the tail end of the last decade. What we do know is that we’ll all soon get another crack at trying to find it. Earlier this week Fox confirmed that it’s bringing back The X-Files for a limited run.

Fox representatives confirmed The X-Files is on its way back this past Tuesday, with Deadline. This new version of The X-Files will stick to the event format similar to what Fox did with 24. The series’ creator and original cast — who have never been able to escape their roles as Mulder and Scully will return. We’re, of course talking about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

When the show premieres remains a mystery, but producers are already confirming that they have six different stories to tell when the show debuts. Filming for the new season starts this upcoming summer.

Presumably, we’ll all be able to watch this new season of The X-Files on the Xbox One and Xbox 360’s dedicated FoxNow streaming app. Past seasons of the show are available to Netflix subscribers too.

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