Plenty of gamers aren’t fans of platformers. More specifically, they aren’t a big fan of dying repeatedly by falling into a crevice multiple times and having to earn the right to save their progress if there isn’t a checkpoint near by. Still, they’re all playing Ori & The Blind Forest this week and its in some part becuase of how amazing the game looks. Thanks to a forum post, users can get a look at the game’s incredible visuals without having to venture into The Blind Forest themselves.

Artists who worked on Ori & The Blind Forest published tons of the game’s visuals on Polycount this week. In Ori & The Blind Forest players take on the role of a magical being, slowly gaining new powers as they try to save the world that they know. It’s available for purchase right now in the Xbox Store for $20.

Still play the game, and definitely buy the soundtrack. It’s just as magnificent as the artwork.

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