Xbox One owners can look forward to a sequel to last year’s Watch Dogs open-world game if an entry in a Ubisoft employee’s resume listing Watch Dogs 2 is an accurate indication of the company’s plans.

VideoGamer noticed Watch Dogs 2 as one of the entries in the LinkedIn profile for Julien Risse this week. Risse is a Senior Gameplay Programmer for Ubisoft in Paris, where the studio has its headquarters. Besides listing his work on the first Watch Dogs, Risse’s resume also included work on Bad Blood, the companion single player story that’s available to Watch Dogs Season Pass holders. Risse has removed the work entry from his profile, and Ubisoft has declined to comment on the leak.

We don’t yet know anything about Watch Dogs 2 besides a sequel was pretty much guaranteed when Ubisoft announced the first game had sold 8 million copies. In Watch Dogs, gamers play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker whose mischief is taking a toll on his life and family. Hacking everything from the power grid to cameras is integrated into Watch Dogs’ combat. It’s possible we could hear something about Watch Dogs 2 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this June.

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