Grab your lab coat and ditch your overly cool hat. Video streaming service Netflix has a little something to counterbalance all of that House of Cards, Marco Polo and Daredevil you’ve been watching. Bill Nye the Science Guy is ready for you to watch on the United State’s largest dedicated video streaming service.

Bill Nye the Science Guy arrived on Netflix this week, according to culture magazine Complex. It was among the shows Netflix highlighted a few weeks ago when it broke down what content would be leaving and entering its streaming catalog in the United States. Bill Nye the Science was a children’s television show that broke down different science topics so that even the young could understand. The show made scientist Bill Nye’s career. It also spawned an entire generation of science lovers who someday hope to earn their very own lab coat and fast-paced, high-hat laden, hip-hop theme song.

There are Netflix apps for everything with a display these days, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360.There are companion apps on Windows and Window Phone. Access to the service costs $9.99 a month. Disappointingly on the first season of the show is available today.

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