It being the first of June, there’s relief for anyone who subscribes to Netflix on their Xbox One, Xbox 360 or practically anything else with a screen and an internet connection. A new month means new additions to Netflix.

Decider has a fully detailed list of all the new television shows, movies and documentaries coming to Netflix during the month of June. Here’s some highlights though. The entire first season of Sense8, a new Netflix Original from the producers of The Matrix premieres on Friday, June 5th. Orange is the New Black, this month’s highest-profile Netflix premiere arrives on June 12th.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season Two premieres on premieres on June 11th. Scandal Season Four premieres on June 13th along with Transformers: Age of Extinction, a move of which you’d be perfectly fine avoiding as we found out last year.

Netflix costs $7.99 a month and has apps on Windows Phones and Windows tablets too. Don’t think we forgot about our other Microsoft entertainment brethren.

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