As long as I’ve been able to appreciate what good television is, David Letterman has been the host of The Late Show. Tonight Dave, with his toothy grin and typically off-center glasses says goodbye to late night, probably for good and you an watch live on your Xbox One.

The final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman airs tonight on CBS beginning at 11PM Eastern Standard Time. As per Letterman’s style, the show will mostly air without structure, featuring tons of guests all coming to chat with Letterman for the last time. If you’re one of the many who purchased an Xbox One compatible Digital TV Tuner you can watch the show live, just remember to turn to your local CBS affiliate at the appropriate time. Anyone who has setup the Xbox One’s Live TV app with their cable or satellite box can do the same. Say “Xbox, Watch CBS” if you have a Kinect sensor and watch the festivities unfold. Unfortunately, Sling TV doesn’t include broadcast channels in its online line-up, something that we too were disappointed by when we tried the service. Of course, the Xbox 360 doesn’t support HDMI pass-through or have a television app.

Here’s to Top 10 Countdowns, Stupid Animal Pet Tricks, the Greatest City in the World and Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra. Late nights didn’t get funnier than watching Dave keep it together while discussing the McCain campaign. We’ve dropped in video of that little exchange above.

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