It appears that Microsoft is on the cusp of releasing its first significant update to its Xbox One Controller. A new online document on its support website for the Xbox One and related accessories includes a diagram of an Xbox One Controller with a built-in headphone port.

It’s unclear when the support document was updated to include the Xbox One Controller with headphone port, but it was discovered by eagle-eyed members of the Neogaf community this morning. Since its discovery this morning, Microsoft has pulled the document, but the diagram showed a standard edition Xbox One controller with a headphone jack to the left of the expansion port that’s already a part of today’s Xbox One controller.

We don’t know if Microsoft will see this Xbox One Controller separately or if it’ll come included with new Xbox One bundles, Microsoft isn’t yet acknowledging the controller’s existence. Though it offers a lot of upgrades over the Xbox 360 Controller, today’s Xbox One Controller forces users to purchase a headphone adapter before they can use a set of earbuds or regular headphones just lying around. Most headphones made for the Xbox One, like the Turtlebeach XO Fours, have the adapter included in the Xbox.

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