With just weeks left until Batman: Arkham Knight arrives on store shelves and the Xbox Store, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and video game developer Rocksteady Studios has more action-packed footage taken directly from the game to get you excited.

Rocksteady and Warner Brothers posted the new Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay just before the weekend kicked off last week. The video is footage taken directly from the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Rest assured there’s a version of Batman: Arkham Knight coming for Windows PCs and the Xbox One too.

In the trailer we see Batman tracking down series villain Poison Ivy. She’s being held against her will by thugs under the command of Scarecrow. The player glides through the streets of Gotham City, ducking and weaving under sky bridges and between buildings. After tracking Ivy’s location, the player crashes through the skylight at the top of the building she’s being held in. The battle begins, flawlessly the player begins using gadgets and the environment to beat the stuffing out of every thug in sight.

The player stashes Ivy in the Batmobile and destroys tanks and anything else in sight to get the villain to Gotham City’s criminal lock up. Transforming into combat mode lets the player move in any direction and even use Electro Magnetic Pulses and radar confusion to deal with the Arkham Knight’s army of robotic tanks and rovers.

Batman: Arkham Knight arrives on the Xbox One and Windows PCs June 23rd. A basic copy of the version will be purchasable anywhere that video games are sold — just remember to look into the game’s digital pre-order extras before you decide on a specific retailer. A $100 version of the game will include a season pass to the game’s formidable collection of upcoming content.

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