Have an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5? There should be an Ill-Gotten Gains update waiting for you the next time you start your console.

Rockstar Games announced the new Ill-Gotten Gains update for GTA 5 last week, but it only released the update for the game this morning. Inside is the update is a new car camera mode option for those on the Xbox One, loads of new luxury cars, new vehicle wraps and new gold aircraft and heaps of fresh apparel for your GTA Online character.

Ill-Gotten Gains is completely free for anyone with a copy of GTA 5 to download. Xbox 360 users will be prompted to update their version of the game the next to they go into it. Xbox One owners will get the same prompt, provided the console hasn’t had the chance to download the update quietly in the background.

To celebrate the launch of Ill-Gotten Gains Rockstar has a multiplayer event planned this weekend. During that event the developer has added more frequent drops, free explosive packs and boosted the amount of experience and in-game cash players can earn.

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