Microsoft is rolling out two new Xbox One Controllers alongside its new 1TB Xbox One console, complete with audio and tangible upgrades.

The company announced the new Xbox One Controller along with changes to its Xbox One console line-up in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog earlier today.

Today you need an Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter to plug your headphones directly into your Xbox One Controller, but buyers of the new 1TB Xbox One won’t. Microsoft is including an updated Xbox One Controller in the console bundle. This new controller includes a dedicated headset jack for plugging in wired headphones that sits to the right of the expansion port. Additional upgrades include support for inline volume and audio controls, mic monitor and audio balancing through the Settings app on the Xbox One. Microsoft says this audio through this new controller is louder, which is a much needed addition. The current Xbox One controller is pretty quiet, even at maximum audio output.  More than any other upgrade, its the new wireless firmware updates that are attracting the most attention.

Microsoft will bundle the new Xbox One Controller with a USB dongle that allows all Xbox One controllers to communicate directly with Windows PCs wirelessly for $79.95. To start out the controller will be available in matte black like the Xbox One itself and what Microsoft is describing as Covert Forces Special Edition that is silver and gray. On its own the Covert Forces Special Edition Xbox One Controller is available to pre-order from Amazon for $64.99. It’ll ship to buyers beginning June 16th.

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