Eying NBA 2K16’s upcoming September 29th release with envy and excitement? You can pre-order NBA 2K16 for Xbox One now and get the game on September 25th instead.

Microsoft quietly added NBA 2K16 pre-orders to the Xbox Store yesterday. Two versions of the game are coming for Xbox One owners, a basic $59.99 version and a Michael Jordan Special Edition that costs $79.99 and comes with more than a few extras. Either copy makes you eligible for NBA 2K16 Early Tip-Off Weekend on September 25th.

Buyers of the basic version of the game get 10,000 in Virtual Currency and 3 MyTeam VIP with Emerald Packs. Buyers of NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition get digital Jordans, a digital jersey and a digital t-shirt to customize their own players with. Also included are 3 MyTeam VIP+ packs, a Moments cards and 30,000 in Virtual Currency to use in the game.

NBA 2K16 is also coming to the Xbox 360, but there’s no special edition for that version.

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