Want to try Electronic Arts’ EA Access subscription service, Madden 16 and Microsoft’s Xbox One console? In late August Microsoft has plans to sell a Madden 16 Xbox One bundle that includes it all, plus more storage than what launch Xbox One buyers have in their living room.

Microsoft announced the Madden 16 Xbox One bundle this morning on its Xbox Wire news blog. For $399, users get a digital copy of Madden 16, an Xbox One console with 1TB of storage and a year’s worth of EA Access. EA Access is the subscription service that allows users to download game trials before their release, download full digital titles from EA’s digital vault and save 10% on their purchases. Madden 16 picks up a risk vs reward system for offensive play, even more presentation upgrades and dedicated fantasy draft system.

All told, offering a dedicated bundle for users who are looking to upgrade this August is a great move. EA has been very aggressive in transitioning the franchise over to current generation consoles. You can play Madden 16 on older consoles, but you’ll miss out on some presentation upgrades and features. There are a ton of exclusive Xbox One titles coming this year, but Microsoft has done very little work with third-party game developers and publishers for bundles and exclusives. It’s a weakness Sony and its PlayStation 4 exploited in June to snag the top sales spot in the United States.

The Madden 16 Xbox One bundle goes on sale August 18th.

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