Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem is continuing to grow in interesting and unique ways. With just weeks left until everyone with a Windows 10 PC can enjoy the features that Xbox Live offers, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has revealed that it’s working on allowing Windows 10 gamers using the Xbox app to voice chat directly with Xbox One owners.

Spencer informally revealed the upcoming feature recently on Twitter in a message to a fan asking about whether Xbox One and Xbox 360 voice chat was something that we can expect in the near future. Website TechTimes caught the exchange. Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox.

According to Spencer, Microsoft is working on voice chat for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users, but right now it’s focusing on delivering the feature to Xbox One and Windows 10 owners. Today, each of Microsoft’s consoles are cut off from each other. Text messages can be sent across Xbox Live to all three, but only the Xbox One and Xbox 360 offer voice chat.

Microsoft plans to begin letting users download Windows 10 for free in waves beginning July 29th.

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