The Xbox experience coming to its Windows 10 operating system just got a huge set of impressive features ahead of its launch on July 29th. Starting today, Windows 10 PC gamers can join parties and chat with their friends on other Windows PCs and even the Xbox One.

Microsoft announced a new round of features and enhancements for Xbox on Windows late this afternoon. Shipping with Windows 10, the Xbox app allows PC gamers to reap the same benefits of Xbox Live that Xbox One owners do. Microsoft baked video clip capturing, screenshots, multiplayer and more directly into the operating system. Windows gamers can look forward to playing against Xbox One owners in titles like Fable Legends and Gigantic this fall.

A post on Major Nelson reveals the update in all of its glorious details. Starting today, Windows 10 users can start a party directly from the app and send invites to other members of Xbox Live. The feature is in beta testing, according to Microsoft. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer revealed that this feature was coming earlier this week on Twitter.

Previous versions of Xbox on Windows allowed users to manually add games to the Xbox app so that users could launch them automatically. Microsoft says it’s doing more on its end to make sure that links to launch PC games surface in the app automatically. Users can still add them manually if they want. Avatar editing is now built into Xbox on Windows along with color customization and Gamepic customization.

The highlight of Xbox Live on Windows so far has been video recording and picture-taking. This update allows users to share what they’ll capture in the future. Microsoft is smartly keeping Xbox Live media sharing to games downloaded through the Windows Store. Doing otherwise could wreak all kinds of havoc on Xbox Live from less than savory elements.

Windows 10 will be free to any and all running Home and Professional versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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