It appears, Microsoft is finally getting serious about positioning its own music service against rivals from others. Late this afternoon the company rolled out Groove Music 3.611820.0, a limited release for Windows 10 that adds an iTunes playlist importer.

Microsoft quietly upgraded Groove Music this afternoon. The new iTunes playlist Importer can be found within the app’s settings. It might sound small, but not forcing users to divorce their playlists when the switch to the service is a pretty huge move. This iTunes playlist importer is the first all new feature to come to Groove Music. The overwhelming majority of features in the app are hold overs from previous apps. The release notes for the update also reveal that Groove Music’s highlight colors are tied directly to the active theme for Windows 10. For example, my accents are purple. Groove Music now has some purple mixed in instead of the default blue.

Theoretically Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch will mark as the launch of Groove Music too. Microsoft will begin updating PCs with Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10 on July 29th for free. Groove replaces Xbox Music which replaced Zune.


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