It’s not often that we get to share big news about a musical release that almost no one expected to see. This Friday, brings the first big one of 2015. Dr. Dre, is marking the release of the biographical Straight Outta Compton with a new album of his own: Compton A Soundtrack.

Dr. Dre announced Compton A Soundtrack over the weekend during his radio show on Apple’s Beats 1 digital network. In true Dr. Dre fashion the album appears stuffed with features from today’s artists. Fresh off his Too Pimp a Butterfly album, Kendrick Lamar is feature in a few songs. Apple’s iTunes Store listing reveals Dre protégé Eminem is featured in the album too. That Dr. Dre still knows how to release music over a decade after his last album is certainly good news.

There’s some bad news though. At least at release Compton A Soundtrack will only be available in Apple Music for streaming and the iTunes Store for purchase. It isn’t year clear when the CD will arrive on Microsoft’s Groove Music or in other music stores. Groove Music officially replaced Xbox Music on the Xbox One and Windows PCs last week.

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