Microsoft’s Xbox Video service isn’t as well-known as other services in its line-up and clearly the company is hoping to change that. Weeks after its launch and $.99 movie rentals, Microsoft is slashing the cost of movies and television shows for streaming and downloading to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phones, PCs and the web.

Called the End of Summer Sale, Microsoft has heavily discounted a huge cache of digital video content. We’re talking movies like Looper, Taken, Taken 2, Wet Hot American Summer and The Interview for $8. To be clear, that’s purchase, not a rental, though the End of Summer Sale has deep discounts on renting movies too. If the ultra-cheap movies aren’t your thing, Interstellar, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Gone Girl and The Wolf of Wall Street are $10 to add to your media collection. Entire seasons of sows like Doctor Who, Last Man Standing, Gotham and Grimm are discounted too.

For now, the content you purchase through the Microsoft Store is available through the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows Phone with the Xbox Video app. Windows 10 has its own Movies & TV app. Again, all of this content is available for streaming through Microsoft’s website too. Personally, my eye is on Grand Budapest Hotel. Psychotic, stylish, ironic movies like that don’t come along too often.

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