Actress Gillian Anderson won’t make her return to television until the return of Fox’s The X-Files sometime in the relatively near future. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wait until then to see some new work from the actress with a cult-following and co-star Ben Kingsley. Microsoft’s Xbox Live Free Movie Weekend and it’s back with free digital rentals of Robot Overlords.

Microsoft quietly rolled out Xbox Live Free Movie Weekend this morning. Set in the future, Anderson and Kingsley are refugees fighting world-conquering robots. The movie has fairly decent rating in Rotten Tomatoes, a site that Microsoft uses to provide movie reviews from critics and viewers for its video service. This free Robot Overlords rentals mark the first time Microsoft has offered a Free Movie Weekend since launching the new Movies & TV app for Windows 10 users and moving the video store to the Windows Store.

Free Movie Weekend is available online and Windows Phone. Microsoft doesn’t have Movies & TV apps for iPhone and Android. Anyone with a Microsoft Account can take advantage of Free Movie Weekend, the rental expires 2 days from the time you click play.

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