You didn’t up an Xbox One entertainment console to see actress and songstress Miley Cyrus act like she has no common sense for an audience of millions. At least, that’s the assumption we’re going to work off of. If you have your Xbox One connected to a cable or satellite box that’s exactly what you’re getting this Sunday with the 2015 MTV VMAs air.

Everyone from Justin Bieber, ASAP Rocky, Bruno Mars and other people you can identify as their easily let through airport security ahead of you will be at the event, taking home awards and dancing uncontrollably late into the night. Watching the VMAs over Xbox Live is pretty easy for anyone who is already taking advantage of the console’s HDMI pass-though port. Just say, “Xbox, Watch MTV” 9PM tonight.

Watching on Xbox Live gets you real-time tweets from the show’s accompanying hashtag. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 both have an MTV app available for download free, but it doesn’t support live streaming content from the channel.

If you have an Android smartphone that supports DLNA technology, you can open the wireless display app on your Xbox One and watch The MTV VMAs from the channel’s YouTube profile.


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