After a long, uneventful summer, Microsoft’s Movies & TV apps for Windows and Xbox are getting their first big new feature. Microsoft has partnered with Disney Anywhere to provide access to their digital library of movies in its Windows Store and giving away free copies of Monsters Inc to celebrate.

Microsoft announced that Disney Anywhere is compatible with its Movies & TV apps and the Xbox Store this morning in a post on the Windows Blog. From today on, Disney movies purchased in the Windows Store unlock companion versions for other platforms. The service works in reverse too, meaning if you purchase a The Incredibles from Amazon or another Disney Anywhere partner those movies unlock on Microsoft’s platforms too. Disney Anywhere is an attempt to get digital video purchases over the hurdles that make buying physical discs more attractive. Your movies travel with you no matter the service you are currently using.

In celebration, anyone who links their Microsoft Account to a Disney Anywhere account gets a free digital copy of Monsters Inc added to their library. To be clear, Movies & TV is available on the Xbox One and Windows 10 now. Xbox 360 users and Windows Phone users will get it in coming updates to those platforms, according to Microsoft.

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